Intelligent Energy-saving System For PCs and Peripherals

Green Control
  • Energy savings up to 50% or more
  • Reduces power bill
  • Device protection
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • User-defined power management settings
  • Monitors and reports power savings
One-stop solution for complicated & troublesome energy management Don't worry anymore if you haven't been successful in saving energy.
With powerful features, Checktap offers users a flexible and convenient interface under multiple environments.
1. Checktap Function
  • Automatic Energy-saving Functions
    Automatically senses when PC/peripherals are not in use and stops flow of electricity.
    Easy Power Restoration
    Turns off stand-by power, which can be restored by mouse movement.
    Interlocked Control
    Automatically cuts off electricity for all peripherals as the PC is powering off, and restores electricity when the PC is turned back on.
    Allows user to set a specified time to turn on or turn off power to the machine and peripherals.
    Automatic Power Off/Restore
    Effective restoration of data in cases of forced or regular powering off and restarting of the PCs/peripherals.
    Standby-power Cut Off
    Upon blocking electricity, the effect is similar to unplugging and the power stays at 0W.
  • Energy control software, Quick control bar
  • Automatic Precision Monitoring / Power-saving reports
  • A virtual energy tree grows with your saved energy
2. Checktap Hardware Function
3. Checktap Software Function
  • • Power-saving Control for PC & Peripherals

    Automatically shuts off power to the PC according to the settings under each power cut off method; the power supply to the peripheral devices connected to the Power-saving sockets of Checktap are also cut off automatically.
  • • Power Measurement, Statistics, Energy Tree

    Measures and displays the operating power levels, the amount of power saved, and the amount of carbon dioxide emissions reduced for the PC and other devices connected to Checktap.
  • • Advanced Settings for Power Management

    By analyzing the power-saving event log and producing analysis report for power-saving activities, you can calculate the time required for ROI and establish plans for saving wasted power and reducing electricity cost.
  • • Quick Control Bar

  • • Energy Tree

    A user can grow a virtual energy tree on their PC with the saved energy by using a Checktap. The cyber tree is a visual expression of reduced CO2emission.
Using Checktap has the same effect as growing 15 trees in terms of reducing the emission of CO2

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