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The Automatic Power Control for PC & Monitor

1. Checkmini ( Checkmini operate almost the same as Checktap, but are smaller, cheaper and easier. )
5A 250V, Power code 45 cm, USB cable 1.8 m
99.4 x 69.5 x 35.0 mm, 161 g

About Checkmini
  • Home:
  • Normally, people have more than 2 PC's at home.
    One of two PCs is connected to various PC peripherals, including monitor, printer, scanner, stand light, fan, heater, etc.
    Therefore Checktap would be beneficial.
    The other one of two PCs has only a monitor and do not contain other peripherals. Therefore Checkmini would be beneficial in this case.
  • Office:
  • Normally, offices have only a PC and monitor.
    In this case, Checkmini would be better than Checktap because it is less expensive. Because executives, staff, and offices have various peripherals, in this case Checktap would be good.
    In other words, if you supply Checkmini together with Checktap, it would result in being a better competitor and having successful selling results.
  • Stores:
  • If you display Checkmini together with Checktap, your display size would extend and consumers would be able to easily find our products in stores.
    And because in the first stage of selling, consumers can't understand Checktap's information and Checktap's price is not low, they can hesitate in buying Checktap. In this case, consumers can first buy Checkmini because its price is lower than Checktap's and so they have a small burden than with Checktap. Because Checktap is still in its first stages of selling, consumers may hesitate to buy Checktap due to not being able to at first understand Checktap's information and realizing it is not cheap. Therefore, consumers would be more prone to buying Checkmini due to its lower price.
    As mentioned above, normal homes have more than 2 PCs, which gives them the option of buying Checktap or Checkmini.
Compare with Checktap
  • Checkmini operates almost the same as Checktap, but is smaller and cheaper.
  • Therefore the payback period is much shorter than that of Checktap.
  • Users can install Checkmini without shutting down a PC.
  • Therefore the installation time is very short and easy.
  • The product is also a compact size.
2. Benefits
  • Energy savings of up to 50%
  • - Automatic energy-saving functions : IDLE-STOP, Scheduling, Automatic Power Off/Restore, Interlocked Control, Instant Cut off, Standby-power Cut off, ...
  • Integrated computer monitoring
  • The user can continuously monitor or report the amount of power saved along with the corresponding cost savings and carbon footprint reduction.
  • Investment payback period
  • Normally - 1 year. Best case - 1 month.
    By fully utilizing functions of Checktap, electricity cost can be substantially cut back, and the investment is paid back in a short period of time. It is even more efficient for intensively used electrical devices.
  • Energy tree
  • A user can grow a virtual energy tree on their PC with the saved energy by using a Checktap.
    The cyber tree is a visual expression of reduced CO2 emission.
    - Best educational tool for environment:
    Provides a great educational tool on reducing mans harmful effects on the environment such as global warming by demonstrating reduction of CO2 footprint and the saved energy.
  • Materials
  • All material of the product including the case is environment-friendly and complies with RoHS.
    Improved reliability using materials with the best resistance to fire, heat, and pressure.
  • Security
  • Automatically provides computer screen content security during your absence.
  • Reduces Stress
  • Automatic shut-down of the computer and peripheral devices provide peace of mind. Devices accidentally left on by children, family, customers or employees are automatically powered down.
  • Consistent updating
3. Market Interests
  • Green Gift sector
  • Checkmini has a special market sector; it is called the Gift market sector.
    You can print your client Logo on Checkmini.
    For example, you could sell to stores, offices, governments, and could especially sell in large quantities as green gifts of power companies, being the sales hook of PC sales companies, and you could also sell to many gift companies.
  • Retail store sector - includes Electronics stores, Hyper markets, DIY shops, Office product shops
  • Government sector
  • Public sector - Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Power companies
  • Company office sector
4. Software / User Guide
  • Language
    MS Windows Compatible
    XP SP 2/3, 2000
    User Guide
    12 pages / 1 Language
    14 x 21.5 cm
5. Innerbox Package

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