Business case

World's Best Green Product

Market Interests
1. Big retail shop sector
- Big retail shops: Hypermarkets, Super-market chains, Big electronics shops, DIY shops, Big stationery stores
2. Retail & Wholesale sector
- Office products shops / Computer shops / Stationery stores / Gift shops
- Organic food stores / Consumers' cooperative stores / Green stores
3. Government sector
- Government procurement market
- All Government offices in central & local, all institute offices
- Army, Police, Court
4. Public sector
- All schools, all universities
- Public companies, public institutes
- Power companies, Gas companies, Oil companies, Water companies (public companies)
- Green school program, Green building program, Energy star program, Esco program
5. Company office sector
- All enterprises' offices, including banks, insurances companies
6. Green Gift sector
- Green gift / Sales hook (promotion) / Souvenir / Gift companies (catalog)
- Government's Gift
- Power company's gift
- Power company can distribute Checktap to their consumers by free charge for their own CO2 reduction quota as forced by the Government.
- Governments can distribute Checktap to their citizen by free charge for their own CO2 reduction quota.
7. TV Home shopping & mail order company sector
- TV home shopping, etc.
- Mail order companies
Checktap Sales Record in Korea
KT Gwanghwamun Building East
KT Gwanghwamun Building East 2,000 units, February, 2015
KT opened a new chapter in its company history as it celebrated its relocation to a new company headquarters in Gwanghwamun, central Seoul, on January 26. KT, arguably founder of South Korea's telecommunications industry, set sail for a new journey from the 'new nest'.
The new company building has a total area of 51,120 ㎡ (Approximately 15,460 pyeong), has 25 floors above ground, and has 6 floors below ground. It is located to the east of the previous company building adjacent to Sejong-ro (Road). As a result, KT named the previous company building "the KT Gwanghwamun Building West" and the new company building "the KT Gwanghwamun Building East."
North Gyeongsang Provincial Office
Gyeongsangbuk-do Provincial Government Office 2,000 units, February, 2015
The new provincial government office, which will be a symbolic building that will open a new era, is being built at Kommu-san (Poongcheon-myeon, Andong Homyeong-myeon Yecheon-gun) with a total construction budget of 405.5 billion won, a 245,000㎡ site, and a total ground area of 143,000 ㎡. Four buildings, the main office, a senate building, resident community center Ⅰ, and resident community center Ⅱ will be built and the site will be constructed as a practical area where the tradition and culture of Gyeongbuk meet.
Korea Consumer Agency
KCA (Korea Consumer Agency) 643 units, June, 2014
The KCA is a government organization established July 1987 based on the Consumer Protection Act. Its founding principle is to protect consumer rights and interests, to promote a rational consumption life and to contribute to the sound development of the nation's economy.
Samsung Electronics Global Technology Center
Samsung Electronics Global Technology Center February-May, 2014

Global No.1 Competitiveness in Manufacturing Technology
Samsung Electronics DSR
Samsung Electronics DSR(Device Solutions Research) 13,000 units, October, 2013
DSR Tower, the world's largest electronic material research center, will also be launched in December. The research center located between Samsung Electronics' Giheung and Hwaseong campuses consists of three buildings with 28 floors above the ground and five floors underground.
A total of 20,000 researchers and scientists will work at DSR Tower in the area of semiconductor, system LSI and display materials. Around the tower, global material companies such as 3M and Dow Chemical, will run their R&D centers.
Samsung Electronics Materials Research Complex
Samsung Electronics Materials Research Complex 3,000 units, September, 2013
The new lab will play a central role to support joint research of Samsung Electronics, Cheil Industries, Samsung SDI, Samsung Fine Chemicals, Samsung Corning Precision Materials in semiconductor, secondary battery and OLED materials.
Samsung Electronics Mobile Research Institute
Samsung Electronics Mobile Research Institute (R5) 8,000 units, April, 2013
The R5, a mobile research center with 27 floors above the ground and five floors underground, was launched in the company's Suwon Site, where about 10,000 researchers will focus on mobile devices.
Samsung Engineering GEC
SAMSUNG ENGINEERING GEC(Global Engineering Center) 6,000 units, March, 2012
Dubbed the Global Engineering Center (GEC), Samsung Engineering's head office revealed its splendor last month after almost three years since the ground was broken in September 2009. Located in Sangil-dong, Gangdong-gu in eastern Seoul, the complex is composed of three buildings and spans an area of more than 27,000 square meters, making it the fifth-biggest corporate estate in Seoul.
Korean Gas Corporation
Korean Gas Corporation (KOGAS - public natural gas company) 2,500 units, January 5, 2008
Checktap was installed on all PCs at major headquarters and all nationwide branches. They published a result report of energy saved by Moonhwa Daily. In this report, the pay-off period for Checktap was published as one year, resulting in Checktap being propagated all over Korea due to it being the most economically efficient.
Busan Metropolitan City Hall
Busan Metropolitan City Hall 2,300 units, January 10, 2008
We installed Checktap on all computers at Busan Metropolitan City Hall (23 floors).
Busan is the second big city among metropolitan cities in Korea.
Checktap was supplied to over 700 buildings including local government offices, company offices,
public institutions, schools/universities, military forces, police forces, etc...
  • Yongsan District Office
  • Ulsan Metropolitan City Hall
  • Daegu Metropolitan City Hall
  • National Institute of Environmental Research
  • Central Radio Management Office
  • Korea Meteorological Administration
  • Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute
  • Daejeon Metropolitan Police Agency
  • Kongju National University
  • Konkuk University
  • Korean Minjok Leadership Academy

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