World's Best Green Control

  1. Energy savings of up to 50%
  2. - Automatic energy-saving functions : IDLE-STOP, Scheduling, Automatic Power Off/Restore, Interlocked Control, Instant Cut off, Standby-power Cut off, ...
  3. Integrated computer monitoring
  4. The user can continuously monitor or report the amount of power saved along with the corresponding cost savings and carbon footprint reduction.
  5. Investment payback period
  6. Normally - 1 year. Best case - 1 month.
    By fully utilizing functions of Checktap, electricity cost can be substantially cut back, and the investment is paid back in a short period of time. It is even more efficient for intensively used electrical devices.
  7. Energy tree
  8. A user can grow a virtual energy tree on their PC with the saved energy by using a Checktap.
    The cyber tree is a visual expression of reduced CO2 emission.
    - Best educational tool for environmental learning:
    Provides a great educational tool on reducing man's harmful effects on the environment such as global warming, by demonstrating reduction of CO2 footprint and the saved energy.
  9. Safety and Durability
  10. Provides overload and fire protection. Built-in circuit enhances the durability.
    Also, automatic shut-down function is the best fire-protection function.
    Able to withstand over a million electric on-offs by adopting powerful special electric circuits.
  11. Materials
  12. All material of the product including the case is environmentally friendly and complies with RoHS.
    Improved reliability using materials with the best resistance to fire, heat, and pressure.
  13. Security
  14. Automatically provides computer screen content security during your absence.
  15. Reduces Stress
  16. Automatic shut-down of the computer and peripheral devices provide peace of mind. Devices accidentally left on by children, family, customers or employees are automatically powered down.
  17. Consistent updating

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